S1E5: Germanisms in English

English has a great number of foreign words and loan words in its vast vocabulary, with many of them coming from German. Some of these are more obviously German in origin, like pretzel or zeitgeist, and some of them might not initially seem like they come from German at all, like lager or rainforest.

In this episode I am joined by Robb Knapp (German English Words) as we talk about words and phrases that have come from German into English. We discuss whether these words mean the same thing in English as they do in German, and how they ended up in English in the first place.

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About this episode's guest

Robbin D. Knapp. Photo © Robbin D. Knapp

Robbin D. Knapp is the author of German English Words, which is based on his website, germanenglishwords.com. He is a graduate of biology from the University of Virginia, but he is also an amateur linguist who collects and records Germanisms in English.

Email: robb@robbsbooks.com



German English Words
A Popular Dictionary of German Words Used in English
Self-published (Lulu.com) 2005

Have you ever come across a word you thought was German but weren't sure? Have you ever wondered about the meaning of a German word used in English? Are you a German American? Are you studying German? Then this book is for you. Here you will find hundreds of words that have come to English through German, including sometimes surprising and unexpected meanings and very many interesting and often humorous examples from books, magazines, comics, movies, TV, songs and the Internet.

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This episode was first released on 23.02.2021.

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