Series 1, episode 8:

What is the difference between ‚Heimat‘ and ‚Zuhause‘? Do German speakers think of ‚home‘ differently than English speakers? And what do ’secrets‘ have to do with ‚home‘? 

In this final episode of series 1, I talk to Sarah Heinz (University of Vienna) about what ‚home‘ means, and how it can be expressed in German, looking at the difference between terms such as ‚Zuhause‘ and ‚Heimat‘. We also take a look at German words that contain the word ‚home‘, such as ‚Geheimnis‘, and discuss how these are more connected to ‚home‘ than it might appear at first glance. 

Small heads up: We touch on the topic of domestic violence in this episode. We mostly stick to talking about the words used to describe it from a linguistic perspective, and we don’t stay on the topic for very long, but just in case this is a particularly sensitive topic for you, you may want to skip ahead at 21:22 – 23:39.

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About this episode’s guest

Sarah Heinz. Photo © Sarah Heinz.

Sarah Heinz is a professor for English and Anglophone literatures at the University of Vienna. She is also a member of ScaHo, a scholarly network on home, and has published and taught courses on transnational discourses of home and homeland, among other research areas.


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