S2E10: German idioms

This episode is all about idioms in German! We look at a few German expressions, what they mean and where they come from. What does it mean if you plant someone, if you leave the church in the village, or if you throw yourself over the houses? And when is it good to be punched in the face?

I talk to Vanessa Krebs about some of her favourite German idioms and expressions, as well as a couple of her favourite English phrases too.

Content warning: Mention of the Holocaust. If you do not want to listen to this part, skip 20:17 to 22:28.

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Phrases mentioned in this episode


  • schön sprechen
  • nicht die feine englische Art sein
  • Ehrenfrau / Ehrenmann
  • ich kenne meine Pappenheimer
  • wie die Faust aufs Auge
  • mach' keine Fisimatenten
  • mit der Kirche ums Kreuz gehen
  • mit der Kirche ums Dorf gehen
  • die Kirche im Dorf lassen
  • sich über die Häuser hauen
  • sich putzen
  • sich brausen gehen
  • jemanden pflanzen ("Willst du mich pflanzen?")
  • jemanden verarschen ("Willst du mich verarschen?")
  • ein Mehlspeistiger sein


  • piece of cake
  • to have a sweet tooth
  • as cool as a cucumber

About this episode's guest

Vanessa Krebs is a teacher at a secondary school in Vienna, Austria.

This episode was first released on 24.05.2022.

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