Series 1 extra bits

Here are some extra bits from series 1 that didn't make it into the original episodes! We talk about how Vienna's rubbish bins communicate with us, what Germanism Lisa Simpson has on her bedroom wall, and the song Lady Gaga never knew she wrote.  Plus I reveal the launch date of series 2 of Yellow of the Egg!

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Vienna rubbish bins

In this episode we mention the rubbish bins in Vienna and how they communicate with us via their slogans. Here are a few examples. Most have funny slogans to encourage people to throw their rubbish away. If there is something special happening at any time, special slogans might appear on the bins. This happened, for instance, when Austria hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 ("Eurowischn Putz Contest" was a frequent one). In the episode, Barbara Soukup mentioned "Alte Masken g'hörn 'kübelt" as a specifically corona-related example.

"Alte Masken g'hörn 'kübelt" ("Alte Masken gehören gekübelt")

= 'Old masks ought to be thrown away'

Most bins in the area with this slogan have had the "Alte" covered up by a sticker, likely in protest (giving the meaning that all masks ought to be thrown away).


This is a play on "16er-Blech", an "Ottakringer" beer which you drink from a can. The "16er" was changed to "48er" here because the MA 48 (Magistratsabteilung für Abfallwirtschaft, Straßenreinigung und Fuhrpark) is responsible for rubbish collection and street cleaning.

"Ganz Wien bleibt clean"

= 'All of Vienna stays clean'

They like to use Anglicisms, especially to make things rhyme.

"Bin ned haglich" ("Ich bin nicht haglich")

= 'I'm not picky'

"Für Sie rund um die Uhr geöffnet"

= 'Open all hours for you'

"Ihre Papiere, bitte!"

= 'Your papers, please!'


This episode was first released on 04.01.2022.

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