Each episode of series 2 features music by Euphoniques, a band based in Vienna.

About the band

The musicians of Euphoniques, who all live in Austria and are musically active here, have been established in the local and international music scene for many years with various projects. They first came together in 2018 to experiment with more modern styles and bring a new, fresh sound with high-quality music to the stage. The band released their new EP Identity in 2021, and with it they changed their musical direction: the sound is more raw and direct, and the mood is very energetic. There are musical influences from the 90s, but not only that - "Identity" is rich in R&B riffs and electro pop sounds. The message is not only oriented towards the individual and topics from everyday life, but also includes criticism of society. This stylistic wandering characterises the attitude of the band to spread out and be versatile, and as is often the case in real life, it is necessary to break free from prefabricated moulds.

Band members

Vocals / songwriting: Marjorie Etukudo
Guitar / songwriting: Elena Holzer
Piano: Christina Zauner
Keyboard / electronics: Luka Ivic
Bass: Byron Cortes
Drums: Christian Ziegelwanger

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