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Tier: Flutter mouse

Patron: Abigail


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Patrons get access to exclusive posts with behind-the-scenes bits and bobs and sneak peeks, they get shout-outs in the episodes, and they are listed here on the YOTE website for the world to see!

There are different tiers depending on how much you want to pledge (and every tier is a Tier!):

Flutter Mouse

For €2 a month (+VAT), you get:

  • A shout-out in the next main series episode once you become a patron
  • Access to patron-only posts, where I give updates on the progress of each main series and post other bits and bobs from time to time
  • Your name will be listed on the Yellow of the Egg website as a patron for the world to see!

Ink Fish

For €5 a month (+VAT), you get the benefits of the Flutter Mouse, plus:

  • A personal thank-you message by email.

Shield Toad

For €10 a month (+VAT), you get the benefits of the Flutter Mouse and the Ink Fish, plus:

  • Exclusive stickers after being a patron at this tier for three months! (a sheet of four stickers: the Flutter Mouse, the Ink Fish, the Shield Toad and the YOTE podcast cover)

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