yellow of the egg

It autumns!

In this blog post, I mention some online dictionaries. These are intended as examples only and not as advertising. Other online dictionaries are available. Autumn is well and truly here (well, at the time of posting this, it’s pretty much winter…). With this time of year come the colder days, the darker evenings, and of …

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Swear warning: This blog post contains words which some may consider to be rude or offensive. This includes words which are written the same way as English swear words. So this is your official swear warning! Read ahead at your own risk… The English-speaking world is no stranger to odd-sounding place names. In the US …

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A colleague of mine at school was telling me about a trip she took to Almsee recently. Almsee, also known in English as Alm Lake, is a lake in Upper Austria: While my colleague was walking by the lake, she came across these signs: The first sign is quite unspectacular. It translates into English as …

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