Here is the transcript of the YOTE trailer.


My name’s Luke Green, and this is Yellow of the Egg, a podcast exploring the German language.

In this podcast you will hear episodes on all different topics to do with German. I’m going to be joined by special guests each time, including learners of German, university professors, teachers, linguistic experts, and more. To celebrate the launch of this podcast, I’m releasing not one, not two, but three episodes all in one go. In these first episodes, we’ll be looking at the topic of “Learning German”, about how the coronavirus pandemic has affected the German language, and about tricky speech sounds in German. The episodes of this series will be released every Tuesday, so make sure you subscribe to this podcast so that you never miss an episode.

Plus, you can go online to the Yellow of the Egg website, that’s, where you can find information about all the episodes once they have been released, along with information about my guests, and I’ll be putting transcripts of the episodes up there too.

Yellow of the Egg is also on Instagram, @YOTEPodcast, that’s Y-O-T-E-Podcast, and you can get in touch with me by email at That’s

I’m really excited to share this series with you, I hope you enjoy listening. So I’ll see you in the first episode, which you can listen to on the 9th of February.