S2E4: Austrians learning English

This podcast is normally all about German, but in this episode we're switching things around. This time it's all about English! What is English like as seen through the eyes of a native speaker of German? What are some things we take for granted in English that German speakers might struggle with? And what is it like for an Austrian school student to learn English?

In this episode I talk to Tanja and Sophie, two former English students of mine who graduated from secondary school last year (2021). We talk about strange features of English, speech sounds that are tricky to get the hang of, and some stereotypes that Austrians might have of British and American people (spoiler: some are positive, some a little less so!).

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About this episode's guests

Tanja (left) and Sophie (right) completed their Matura exams and graduated from secondary school in 2021. They are both Austrian and native speakers of German.


In the episode we mentioned Dirndl. These are examples of Dirndl, a traditional dress usually consisting of a low-cut bodice, a blouse worn underneath, a high-waisted skirt and an apron.

This episode was first released on 01.03.2022.

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