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What’s the best way to learn German? How has COVID-19 affected the German language? And what on earth is a scharfes s (ß)? I’m Luke Green, and this is Yellow of the Egg, a podcast exploring the German language. In this podcast I speak to special guests about all kinds of things to do with German. My guests range from learners of German...

[Katie Bray, S1E1] It's complicated, and I think the only way to get better is just to keep talking and keep making those mistakes. university professors...

[Sarah Heinz, S1E8] You know, arguments have been made that, for example, the German term Heimat is untranslatable, but I disagree.

...language teachers to book authors...

[Anke Sennema, S1E3] So this seems to be very hard as well, the distinction between [ç] and [x] and [k].

...and together we dive in to what makes German German. Why are German words so difficult to pronounce? What is it like for German speakers to learn English? And what about the varieties of German you don’t learn about at school? We’ll be talking about all this and more on Yellow of the Egg, an independent podcast which you can listen to for free on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, YouTube and more. You can also listen and find more information, including episode transcripts, on the podcast website, So if you want to find out why we have so many German words in English, or what it’s like to be non-binary while speaking such a strongly gendered language as your first language, or why German can sound quite so aggressive sometimes, then look no further. Join me as we explore German together here on Yellow of the Egg. Let's crack on with the show!

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